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Services - petrostudio LLC

our services

Need a logo? Done. Need a brochure to go along with it? You got it. Need some advice on just what you require to get your business soaring?

No problem.

Our specialty is getting to know you and bringing to bear our vast experience to your exact business needs. No more, no less.

brand consulting – who you are
The core of our expertise starts here. We work with your existing brand or help you develop a new one.

This goes beyond a “logo” to include your design, your voice and your specific promotional needs, to create a brand that suits your business or personal services. Branding is your overall look and feel, and we excel at creating that.

Think of it as a makeover, or a makeunder.

holistic marketing – what you need
Marketing is how your brand applies to all your promotional needs. This can be as simple as a web banner to as complex as tradeshow design or a tutorial video.

We work with you to define your needs, develop a plan and execute it, from concept to production.

The point is brands are like fingerprints, and there is not one-size-fits all solution.

end-to-end production – manage your needs
We call it an “end-to-end” solution. What it means is we can handle all the details of your project, large and small.

Have an event to plan? We interface with your brand/event/production teams to manage design, budgets, timelines and print, easily.

Sole proprietor with no time or notion of how to boost your business? We research your market, work to develop your brand and get the assets you need produced.

You sip the drink, we’ll get the headache.