SAP Event Guidelines


Global Event Guidelines for SAP AG, the worldwide leader in business enterprise software.

project summary

gabapentin buy online australia petrostudio was tasked by SAP Global Marketing to rework their collateral and web guidelines, developed in late 2010 by essaye ça Siegel+Gale, into a thorough, repeatable and usable set of standards for all SAP events, large and small, worldwide.

The largest challenge in creating a set of guidelines to follow is developing a system that is simple, repeatable and easy to explain. The most important task to complete, however, is becoming expert in that same system.

As the first step in this process, petrostudio developed an intuitive, minimal-grid system based on an A4 page, the SAP “anvil” logo and SAP gold “bar” graphic. From this A4, every and any sized graphic could be conceived, created and produced.

From the brand conception to the writing and positioning of the brand, petrostudio has been honored to stand as a guardian of the SAP brand.


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