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December 2006 - petrostudio LLC



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About fuckin’ time, huh?

On 30, Dec 2006 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By petrostudio

Who are these fucking guys? OK, so I know who they are. If you don’t GO look them up on the Google. I’m not a fan, they were just on my mind as I started to write this.

Fibby’s Life yelled at me a while ago for not posting. I really should have done something earlier, considering I want people to read this. So, resolution #463 for 2007 – write more entries.

So the reason I put these guys up? If I could just find a way to get some attention, I could do what these guys (and lots of others) have – make money by creating really shitty videos and posting them on the internet. Go YouTube.

Of course, now that YouTube has been bought by the Google, it’s bound to go right in the toilet. So if you haven’t made your “viral” video yet, you’re screwed. Give up.

By the way, I still have a MySpace page. And I still am not a teenage girl, band or comic, so I still have no idea what to put on it. But it’s there. Plug 1.

I guess the reason I haven’t really written anything in a while is, I can’t really decide what to write about. I feel like I want to be motivated to write something important, but then I edit what is important to write about before I put anything down. Plus, I just haven’t made it a daily, or even a weekly, thing.

OK, an update. Xbox deborked. Controller in hand. Pants on floor. What happens in Rainbow Six: Vegas, stays in Rainbow Six: Vegas. I never had so much trouble trying to get INTO a casino, before.

I guess the Xbox thing threw me off. Plus the fact that I was doing quite a bit of work for the last couple months. As soon as I can, I’ll update you on the 3D work I was doing – that ate my life for a while.

Thanksgiving in Dayton, OH, with my sister-in-law and her three girls. You know what’s in Dayton, OH? Nuthin’. Played a bit more of WoW, though. I’m addicted again. It was great to see the girls, though. Some day I’ll post some pics of them. Until then, imagine three girls.

Breaking news: Saddam Hussein was just executed. Big surprise. Why is this such a big news item today? Isn’t there a storm happening somewhere or a bunny down a well that the 24-hour news networks can focus on, as well? I just get annoyed with focusing on ONE news item for so long, when there is so much going on in the world. Great way to take focus away from the war in Iraq (or the one in Afghanistan, remember that one?), or politics at home, or any number of other items. Rant ended.

The run-up to Christmas was crazy – shopping (with a budget that we quickly blew) and working. Working and spending. Inversely proportional to each other, aren’t they? Celebrating the holiday at my folks on Staten Island. You know what’s on Staten Island? Nuthin’.

New Year’s taking place with my wife’s family. The Scotts know how to throw a party, so that’s a good time. So, right now, I’m in North Little Rock, Arkansas. You know what’s in NLR, AR?


So I’ve started writing (another) short. I got the idea for this one in the shower one day. It starts with a guy in a shower. Go figure. I’m starting to get the bug again, so I’m hopeful that it will stick. If not, I’m sure I’ll post something similar in 6 months, saying I’m getting the bug again. Human beings suck at keeping promises, especially to themselves.

I wish I had some wit to add here. I wish I had a quip or a movie quote to put in. I wish I had a memorable item to sign off with. I wish I had a cast-iron toilet, but it’s not in the cards. But I’ll write more soon, and I’m sure I’ll be funny.

Or I will just promise to be.

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