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petrostudio news

News, rants, raves and reviews from the professional and personal world of petrostudio and "preachason".

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Today is my 40th birthday.

18th March 2014 By petrostudio

I try not to be pensive and melodramatic anymore, but reaching this age, I felt like I needed to at least reflect on how I should feel at this point in my life. I should feel old, right? I should feel that, perhaps, more life is behind than ahead. I should feel like my best years are behind me. I should feel a lot of things you hear are what 40 means.

You know what I feel? Lucky.

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All Hail-O

1st September 2013 By petrostudio

I’ve raved (and ranted) before on here about games and the quality storytelling that is often overlooked when pundits wax philosophical about the violence our kids are exposed to. Unfortunately, conflict (and therefore violence of varying degrees) is an inherent part of storytelling. I challenge you to find a compelling, interesting story on TV, in books or movies, or any artistic, storytelling medium that does not involve conflict of some kind.

It can’t be done, because conflict is what defines storytelling.

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let’s make stuff

14th May 2013 By petrostudio

I was really lucky to live in New York when the independent digital film boom hit. I got my hands on a copy of Final Cut Pro and a Mini DV camera, and set to work making stuff. Sometimes twice, just to figure out how to do it.

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