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News, rants, raves and reviews from the professional and personal world of petrostudio and "preachason".

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Remember writing?

13th October 2015 By petrostudio

I remember using a typewriter. A lot of people don’t. Actually, I think a lot of people that used a typewriter don’t remember using one, either. I also remember writing letters. By hand. With a pen. In cursive. What happened? Not to the methods – but to the writing.

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Parenting autism

26th September 2014 By petrostudio

Facebook is great for some things – keeping up with family, friends and colleagues, seeing families and lives of people you otherwise would not, ignoring “friends” instead of de-friending because their political/food/OMGFML posts are too annoying for words, that kind of thing.

What it is not so great for is seeing how much other parents have different lives than you do.

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12th August 2014 By petrostudio

I thought of this the other day and felt like I wanted to put it down. The memory came to me after my youngest smiled at me. It was that particular type of smile – not just happy, but happy to see you, happy to be doing whatever he was doing, just happy to be.

And when I saw this smile I felt something only a parent can feel, and every parent would have difficulty describing. It’s just a pure feeling, made entirely of love, affection and, as strange as it might sound, a desire to impress – impress Daddy with his nothing more than his happiness. Read more…