ah, midwest

ah, midwest

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So on my Tumblr blog I’ve been posting some pictures and thoughts (mostly because the iPhone app makes it stupidly easy – get on the damn ball, Blogger) and I thought I’d share one here.Yeah, that’s what my iPhone sees 90% of the time around these...


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I’ve fallen off. Off the earth, it seems.I’m constantly writing “boy, haven’t written much in this space”, and I’m tired of it. And I think I’ve figured out why – there’s no focus.It’s hard to share thoughts when...


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I hate Forrest Gump.Do you know why?Because it may very well be one of the most perfect movies ever made, and makes me sob like a baby through the entire film.It’s brilliant, and I only wish I to be capable of such beauty at some point in my life.


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It has been quite a long time since I have written anything in this space. It has been quite a long time since I felt compelled to share with the world some thoughts. It has been quite a long time since I was crying in joy in the middle of a long workday.But then...

in my pants

I know I’m not usually the guy that likes this kind of stuff, but I must admit that Andy Sandberg tickles me. Plus, this video has “in my pants” in the title, as well.I watched this, and then I… well, you’ll find out.It’s ok…...

that one idea

I’ve wondered this many times and have, as yet, not found the answer: how do you come up with that one great idea?You know, that idea you’ve been looking for, that’s going to excite you, get your blood pumping and make you work, work, work and, more...