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Up the dump, part deux.

On 31, May 2006 | 3 Comments | In Uncategorized | By petrostudio

I did it. I moved my blog over to Mostly because nobody was reading it. At least there is a half chance that somebody out there will accidentally click on a link right after I update this and think that there is something worthwhile to see and then tell all their friends and then I’ll be liked.

Of course, I need to figure out just what the hell will be so exciting on this site that people will WANT to read it, and then WANT to return to read more. Of course, that means I also have to update it more than once an epoch.

I’m bringing epoch back. We don’t use that word enough.

So, for those of you that actually read this (all one of you) I have an update to the up the dump post from last week.

So I was reading the book “Overheard in New York” which is a collection of quotes from the website OINY and came across the phrase, that food “made my ass cry brown tears.” I nearly cried some brown tears directly into my pants, at that moment.

Never heard that before. You can truly learn something new every day. I’m gonna go drop a bat now.

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