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my nra dinner (head) trip

On 26, Aug 2008 | One Comment | In Uncategorized | By petrostudio

So I forgot my Obama shirt. I did. But I don’t think I would have been allowed in the car if I had it on.

My father-in-law asked me to go to this “redneck event thing” (his words) Saturday night. Come to find out, it was an NRA booster event, which the family business, AMTR, contributes to. And it was actually a good time, hanging out with the family, eating good barbecue and getting tipsy. Well, I didn’t drink much, and most of us got drunk, so I’ll split the difference.

Very pro-American, very pro-prayer, very pro-guns. And there were some hair-dryers, cutlery sets and deer corn on raffle, so that’s nice.

The NRA are not known to be progressives. But from some of the “facts” I got that night, they might not even be living in this country. I was told, and I’m dead serious about this, that you do not register your guns down here because, if you did that, the government would know what you had and where you lived, and then Obama and the Democrats would get into office, and into Congress, and then (and I swear I did not make this up) they would “take them away from you”.

Yeah, that makes sense.

I don’t even know how to respond, except to say that guns are a MAJOR sticking issue for a lot of Republicans down here. It’s the one issue that they are adamant about, and they have NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.

Look, when you BUY the gun, they take all your info. They already know you bought it. The idea of registration is to TRACK it, so that if you decide to sell it to another person, or give it away, law enforcement can know that. That way, when a law-abiding citizen like yourself hands a pistol or 12 to a kid for their 13th birthday who promptly goes off and shoots someone, there might be a paper trail to find the responsible party.

It’s not about “taking” guns away from people. It’s about making sure that the guns have an owner.

I don’t see people down here complaining about having to register your vehicle (which you can’t own and drive unless complete), or yourself to vote (which you can’t participate in without doing so), or your kids for school (which they cannot attend without). Nobody thinks “the Democrats want to take our cars away from us”, do they?

Think, people, think. Democrats own guns, too, and support the second Amendment. Shit, I own a pistol, and I’m proudly left-brained. Someone breaks into my house and threatens my family, I will shoot the motherfuckers, too.

I just think we need to keep track of these things better. Is that so bad?

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  1. Shit yeah! Shoot the motherfuckersdeadasdirt! I love reading this blog. I know that what ever it is, agree or disagree, I will be reading something intelligent. I happen to agree with this post. Long live the Petro!

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