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vroom, vroom, motherhumper!

On 23, Apr 2008 | One Comment | In Uncategorized | By petrostudio

So, with new baby, new office space (pictures to come, let me clean this fucking place up, first, jeez) and all, I needed (read: wanted) a car. I debated another SUV (Sundi’s RAV4 is a lot of fun) and the ability to tow/lug stuff around. Thought about a truck, drove a few Jeeps and a CR-V. But the whole time I was thinking about a car. A rear-wheel drive beast like my old 1986 Cutlass Supreme. Or Olds Cutlass Supreme. Either one.

My wife calls it an “old man” car. Yeah, if old men like to pull 180 degree parallel parking maneuvers. Ok, so maybe they do.

So I went to drive and eventually purchased my 2007 Dodge Charger. 3.5 liter v6 engine that surely outperforms the 3.8 liter v6 I had in my first car, a 1981 Buick Century Limited. The best feature of that car was that you pushed the pedal to the floor and the car said “Now?”

250hp, sunroof, 6-speaker stereo, the whole nine. And it spins the tires at a drop of a hat (thank goodness for traction control).

And why is this so exciting? Why do I care, after driving a 1994 Camry for so many years? Because I’m not in Jersey City. In the city, it’s stupid to care about your vehicle – hell, you kiss bumpers every time you park (that’s how you know you can’t back up any more). But, as in my childhood in Massachusetts, when you drive everywhere, you care a little.

And so, it’s like the Cutlass all over again. Except, I think I could smoke the Cutlass easily. And my wife doesn’t call the Charger an old man car. So that’s something.

Of course, there’s a baby seat in the back. But the windows are tinted, so who knows?

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By petrostudio

When, mofo, when?

On 22, Apr 2008 | 2 Comments | In Uncategorized | By petrostudio

It’s an interesting thing, having a child. I don’t mean literally having it, but the participation in the process that results in child-dom. It’s a pretty standard thing for people to say “it changes everything”. It’s cliché, and therefore somewhat true. But it is not that simple.

Take this past week. I just moved a bunch of shit over to my new office and put furniture together. Wires everywhere, internet spotty, not an ideal situation. Then, the parents come to visit. Sorry, gotta work still… in the rough and rugged office space. In between all that is baby and wifey, stuck together like glue because of breast feeding. Then comes along pumping, and daddy gets to participate in the feeding via bottles at 2:30 in the blessed AM.

You’ve got diapers to change, and then baby to soothe back to sleep so you can get at the laundry, or make dinner, or take shit or whatever. Then it’s rinse and repeat.

See, it’s not that everything changes. Everything doesn’t change, really. It’s all the same. There’s just MORE of it. There’s more to do in a day, so some stuff gets pushed to the side, or forgotten altogether for a while. I mean, when you used to have an hour to read the news or email or fuck-all, then 3 hours to play games, 2 hours to watch TV, then an hour of reading before bed, that was all well and good when you consider 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work and an hour of grooming and travel in 24. But add in all that other shit – well, the leisure stuff just kinda falls by the wayside. I mean, it was for pleasure, anyway, supposedly done in your “free time”.

Well, guess what? What’s free time?

So take some time to look at your life for a bit. Evaluate the time you spend doing EVERYTHING. Think about what is time wasted, time spent on leisure, time just pissed away. And THEN dare to tell the people around you that you’re “busy”.

If you have time to talk to people, that is.

So yes, having a baby changes everything. It changes how you look at and spend your time. And it gives you a lot less of it to spend.

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ass effects

On 05, Apr 2008 | One Comment | In Uncategorized | By petrostudio

Just look here. And then look here.

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