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June 2007 - petrostudio LLC




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Bring some culture along for the ride

On 25, Jun 2007 | 2 Comments | In Uncategorized | By petrostudio

So, the support for the eventual and heart-wrenching move to my wife’s place of birth has been… well, lackluster. It’s not that people don’t care, it’s that they are wondering just what the hell I’m going to do with myself in such a place.

Well, as I recently told my wife, there’s nobody on this earth that hasn’t thought about that more than I. Seriously.

At least we already have a favorite pub to drink in. And there’s this great company that allows nonstop person delivery back to politismos. And I always still have this. And this. And this. And, let’s not forget one of my favorite pastimes.

But, yeah, it might suck. Thanks. I got it. But, I’m actually looking forward to it, in a weird way. I’d love a yard. And a garage. And, perhaps, room to swing a hammer. But it’s not forever. It’s not forever, right honey?

Aside from being in the middle of the country, there are other drawbacks. It’s hot there. It’s slow. It’s red. It’s the middle of the country. There’s a lot of wood paneling there. It’s the middle of the country. It’s the middle… ok, so the potential is there, but slight. Did I mention we already have a favorite pub?

In other news, I have an air conditioner, new (non-leaking) doors to my roof, and a new closet to hide said AC in. So that’s a plus. Of course, I have to now pay for it. And we’re $26 overdrawn. And we still don’t have a deck. But, hey, there’s still tequila. And I hear they sell it in the middle of the country, too. In bulk. That’s a plus.

Mmmm, tequila.

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On 22, Jun 2007 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By petrostudio

I am suddenly struck with the need to chronicle something. I’m trying to kickstart a bit of a writing kick, and what better way than to write. Funny, that.

I feel a bit like I need to go on my own Magrathean quest – whoever built my original planet needs to be contacted for v2, or maybe even 3.0. Actually, if I think about it, I’m probably on v5.5 right now, and want a v6. Total geeks know what I’m talking about. Total nerds are trying to calculate how many builds that could possibly be. Literary buffs get the reference, and the theater and film gurus are awaiting the reveal.

I dig it.

Part of the new revision is that I will be moving in November to my nemesis, Little Rock, Arkansas. This will possibly kill me. Being that v6 is forming, I hope that 6.7 isn’t reached before I change my name to Sid and start slaughtering people. (A little morsel for the actors and directors, that.) Sundi and I are keeping our Jersey residence and renting it, so upon our return in a few years, we actually have something with appreciated value to leverage when looking for a bigger place in what will certainly be an insane market. And we’ll probably have some little Pundis or Seters along for the ride by then.

So there’s a lot that could happen. What HAS to happen for my sanity, ongoing projects and business is frequent trips back to the land of the living, New York. I’ll be wracking up the FF miles, let’s just say.

So I’m looking for a way to cram all the shit I really want to do with myself in before this process begins – or at least start those things, so that they have some momentum when I’m crying alone in the dark in the middle of America with a half-empty bottle of wine and Sade sending me into what can only be described as an intellectual coma. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. (Wait for it…) Again.

So I’ve picked up 2 stories I started years ago and have begun to add to them. Slowly. But addition is always better than subtraction, as well as vastly superior to ignoretion, if you will come along with me for the ride.

And please, feel free to.

So, if there’s anything you want to do, say or work with me on (naked or otherwise) then Let’s Get It Started – Pour Some Sugar on Me before November Rain starts falling and we all get Tangled Up in Blue. (Those are for Rian.)

I’ve lost my mind. If you find it, please FTP it to me at savemefrom.redstatehell.fuk.

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Hire these guys!

On 21, Jun 2007 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By petrostudio

OK, so I recently had (and still have ongoing, unfortunately) work done on my house. My central HVAC unit had died, and the people that were going to replace it were futzing around for a mouth, yanking my chain about whether or not they had a replacement unit, when I was going to see it, yada yada.

So they finally come in, rip the old unit out of the wall, leave a giant hole. Then, my contractor comes back and fills in the hole. Then, the morons… er, HVAC guys, come back and leave a bunch of shit lying around. Then, the contractor opens the wall up more. Then, the HVAC guys come back and put half of the unit in. Then they leave. Then they come back, seemingly whenever they want to.

So here’s the point of the story: it is at this point that I stop one of the HVAC workers and ask “So, what’s the schedule, here. Are you going to finish today?”

I swear this is what happened.

“Probably finish today,” he said.

“Today?” I replied.

“Yeah. But they have to put the palette on the roof first, so probably not today.”

“So, not today? Which is it?”

“Probably yes, probably not today,” he said.

“Ok, explain it to me, because I don’t understand how you can probably do something, and then probably do the complete opposite.”

At this point, his boss came over and told me that they would be back at 4 the next day to finish. I said, “So if I leave the house and come back at 3:59, I’ll be 1 minute early for you?”

I stayed home the whole next day. They came at 1. Glad I asked.

By the way, if you want to hire these guys, they are called “Frisersa HVAC-R Inc.” They suck.

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On 09, Jun 2007 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By petrostudio

It is interesting to note what it is that we do regularly, as a matter of course. And then to note the things we say we want to do regularly. What we say we want to do and what we really want to do are two completely different things. And then, it’s interesting to note which of those things we actually do… what we follow through on. There’s not much, for the average one among us.

I am certainly no exception. But what I have recently discovered is when we actually stop to make these observations. We generally don’t do it while in the bosom of our family, blood or chosen. We generally don’t do any remarking when in social situations, or while watching television, or reading, or riding the train.

We do them when our routine is disrupted.

I am currently alone, sitting on my roof (as I often do) and making the realization of the realization that we only take note of these things when is situations like the one I am in. How’s that shake up your spinal chord?

I think it’s an interesting exersize to try to replicate this. If you work for yourself, and are alone with your thoughts enough, it’s not hard to achieve. If your days and nights are usually full, harder so. I get to do it all the time, which sucks in a way. You get to realize, often, that you are spinning your wheels most of the time. And the really interesting thing is, almost all of us are spinning our wheels – we just don’t all have the time to sit back and say, ‘You know what, I’m spinning the shit out of these wheels. I need to get my tires rotated.’

So, one of these realizations is that I never really write about stuff here that other people write about in their blogs. Lots of people write about shit that has happened to them lately. I generally just wax philosophical, or rant, or rave, or anger people. I seem to be good at that. The last one, I mean. Maybe other people just suck at not taking themselves too seriously. Think about it.

So, I’ll give it a go. Let me relate an anecdote from my recent past… trouble is, most of my anecdotes are more like short stories. Or pamphlets. Novellas. They aren’t short and sweet, generally. And once you get my talking, it’s hard to get me to shut the fuck up again.

I seriously can’t think of anything, though. I’ll try harder…

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