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Off to My Ami

On 19, Apr 2007 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By petrostudio

There is a wonderful invention that I am taking part in this weekend. No, it’s not Xbox Live. Though that’s nice, too. No, it’s vacation.

Though not really vacation, per se. My sister and I are treating our parents to a trip to Miami to celebrate their 35th Anniversary, which was in November. (Trips to Miami with your parents and sister and her husband – not really a vacation.) But, I will be in warm weather without a care in the world for 4 days.

So for those of you that require me to have a care? Sorry.

I have people that consistently call me at the 11th hour for stuff. Usually it’s Friday calls for Monday. I used to work all the time – the bane of the freelancer. I told people weekends were workdays. To paraphrase, you do something once, you have to do it every time. However, in the last year I’ve been keeping weekends to myself when at all possible.

For this trip, I let all my current clients know that I was going away so that it would not affect their projects. It’s the people that haven’t talked to you in a while that, therefore, call or email at the last minute and expect you to be around. I’ve had it happen three times.

It’s a strange thing, really. I don’t know how to explain it, and how annoying it can be. I mean, in a way, you are selling yourself, your skills, and when you are not around, no work can be done. The same phenomenon happens when a client calls you for a meeting – then immediately ask when they can see some work. Well, since I’m sitting here talking to you, nobody’s doing anything at my office, since I’m my 1 employee. Hence, my limiting of the time I can sit here with you – people are amazed that you have to GO somewhere, as well.

Yes, I’m here. No, I cannot stay as long as you want. Want to put me on retainer? Then I can sit here for as long as you want. Otherwise, toodles.

So, I can relax a bit this weekend. Tomorrow, around 11am, when you are doing whatever you are doing, think of me. I will be sitting by a pool drinking a margarita.

Hey, it’s noon somewhere.

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The Saddest of Days

On 12, Apr 2007 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By petrostudio

Today is indeed a sad day for intelligence, satire, levelheadedness, friendship and, of course, literary genius.

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. is dead at the age of 84.

For those of you that have been fortunate enough to read all, any or even one of this man’s phenomenal books or short stories, you understand that the loss of this man is the same, if not greater, than the loss of any of the greatest of human beings.

At the risk of sounding ridiculous, Vonnegut ranks as a modern day Mark Twain, a literary Richard Harris or Katharine Hepburn, capable of delivering a no-hand, behind the back jibe or truism with pen as well as Bob Cousy did on the court.

In other words: you know how we look back in time, in history, at great figures, and wonder what it would have been like to be alive when they were? Same thing.

Consider yourself lucky to read his words. And if you have not, do. Your life will be richer, yet do not be surprised if you feel the sadder for not knowing about his beauty during his life. For you will, and those of us who have known him through the written word if not in actual life, mourn his passing.

I wax philosphical. I apologize. I’m grieving. It’s a process.

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