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October 2006 - petrostudio LLC




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Oh… Poconos. They got some saki and sashimi…

On 19, Oct 2006 | 2 Comments | In Uncategorized | By petrostudio

… and some clean sheets. Incidentally, Captain Spalding (no relation to the defunct sporting goods family company) was played by Loudon Wainwright III, father of contemporary crooner Rufus Wainwright. Ain’t that a kick in the head?

So a lot has gone on since my last post, which was a while ago. I haven’t written because, even though “a lot has gone on,” not a lot actually has. Those that I’m spoken to understand – I’ve been doing a lot of “waiting to work” rather than actually working. This includes side projects, which I can’t seem to find the motivation to get moving on, either. One is my revamped website, which is unvamped as of today. Baby steps on the bus.

Foremost in my mind is the plans for the deck on my condo. We’ve been deckless (sort of like Walter Peck) for about a year, and it sucks. I’ve been frantically calling my contractor to come look at the plans and get the permit renewed, which expires on October 28th. Fuck me running. Really.

He finally came by tonight – thank goodness. So now, my anxiety is lessened by 2%. Another 3% and I’ll be down to 90%, so that’s something.

So this weekend myself, my lovely bride, best friend and his fiancé, and oldest college friend and boyfriend (that’s Peter, Sundi, Kevin, Emilie, Shannon and Ehren, for those that have us on their fantasy team and want to know not to start us this weekend) are heading to the Poconos to stay in Shannon’s families’ cabin. I know this is shocking to a lot of you, but Peter loves the fire. Especially the making of it. Peter love fire.

So I will decompress a bit, drink a lot, and hopefully not burn myself too badly cooking outdoors. Any idea what I should make? I mean to eat. Margaritas are a given, Rian.

It is edging toward winter, and that’s fine with me. New York in the fall is beautiful, and with a fresh snowfall in the winter almost magical. Of course, the next morning it’s a mess, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Speaking of magical, for those of you out there that are musicians (all one of you), I have recently found José Gonzalez. His music is simple, poetic and haunting. Gorgeous, really. You need to have a listen. Seriously. Go now.

I wish I had some more news, some more links, or at least a pound cake I could regift to all 2 of you today, but I don’t. Just be well.

Several movie quotes, Rian. Seek!

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Stuff to watch

On 03, Oct 2006 | One Comment | In Uncategorized | By petrostudio

So, the League of Awesomeness probably wants me to tell you about a few websites that I have stumbled across over the last year that not only are interesting, but brilliant in their own way.

Now, you won’t find links to sites full of (a) people jumping off of buildings into cardboard boxes, surfing on cars, throwing things at each other, punching a buddy in the face or in general doing something that could possibly be listed in the dictionary as an example for “stupid.” You also won’t find (b) YouTube or Google Video links, or links to any other moronic video site where you might also find people doing similar activities to (a), above.

1. First of all, check out “the show with ze frank.” Ze is brilliant, and if I ever have the fortune to run into him on the streets of the greatest city in the world, I will tell him so. Current events, funny anecdotes, and always with the most interesting of analogies to explain things to his many viewers. And he’s nuts, so that helps.

2. Where the hell is Matt? Just go there, read all about it. Matt’s all over the internet, so unless you live under a rock, use AO-hell or simply don’t have internet service (you fucking troglodyte) you’ve probably heard of him.

3. For all you Halo fans out there, check out red vs. blue. Of course, if you really are a Halo fan, you’ve already seen this site. If you haven’t seen this site, you are a charlatan imposing yourself as a Halo fan. Begone!

4. Everyone knows I enjoy computers – the idea of a podcast has struck me as an interesting excuse to make a bunch of short films. Now, if I can just get Ehren to be as excited about actually working on stuff as he is about talking. About working on stuff. At any rate, I wish I had come up with the idea for this podcast: it combines computers, filmmaking and drinking in one. Who could ask for anything more? Tiki Bar TV rocks your cock off. Literally. Hello, Lala!

5. Kid Beyond. Seriously, he’s the shit. Not only does he beat-box (and well) but he live loops his own songs, and then sings on top of them. And anyone that likes Portishead enough to cover one of their songs has gotta be alright, right?

6. Mister Nice Hands. Enough said on this one, really.

7. OK – one more. Weird Al has still got it.

So, that’s a nice collection for now. I’ll gather more in the coming months. Seriously, those are great links, right? Not a bum in the lot. (That’s a M*A*S*H* quote, Mary’s.) There are only a few pieces of really great advice in this world. One would be to check out those links. Two would be “multiple sources of income.” Three would be: fuck a lot of women. Four would be, go see Little Miss Sunshine to fully understand three. Once again, you won’t be disappointed.

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